Welcome to Helsinki, and our fish shop in the Hakaniemi Market Place. Free fish processing and salting. Also vacuum packing and restaurants' wholesale, with qualified and personal service. Here you'll find fresh fish, Ekström's smoked fish, seafood and canned fish and seasonal products such as sour herring, lamprey, Lutefisk, live crabs, etc.

Our products include. Fresh fish: Salmon, whitefish, pike, perch, rainbow trout, brown trout, lake trout, tuna - Salted salmon- and whitefish fillet - Warmsmoked salmon fillet - Coldsmoked salmon fillet - Flamberade och halstrade laxfilér - Different whole smoked fish - Baltic herring steaks (fried, grilled, smoked, coldsmoked) - Variuous sorts of canned baltic herring - Mustard, Herb, Curry, Black currant, Onion, Festival, Tomato and Sherry herring... - Crayfish salad, prawn salad, skagenröra, roe sauce, aioli - Giant freshwater prawn tails, scallops, squid rings - Rainbow trout roe, whitefish roe, Vendace roe

Hakaniemen Market Hall, 00530 Helsinki, Finland. Open: Mon-Fri 8h-18h / Sat 8h-16h