Hangonkylä harbour is located about 3 km from the centre of Hanko. The harbour has 650 berths of which about 20 are reserved for guest boats.
Most of the 20 berths are in the hearbour in the I-pier, but there are also four (4) buoys for the larger (sailing) boats at the end of the H-pier.
In the harbour there is a petrol automat, fish shop/archipelago café, fish and shellfish restaurant, toilets and showers (equipped with code locks), a boat ramp, EVAC, many water- and electricity outlets and a washing- and drying machine for the boat guests.
A lovely sandy swimming beach is only 200 meters away from the harbour office, and to the nearest grocery store (c. 1km) you can walk or bicycle in just a few minutes.
Hanko-brochures and tourist maps of the area can be found in the harbour office, and there you can also rent a bicycle, a traditional Finnish Jopo.

Price for the accommodation:

Normal 20€ / Night
45€ sideways / Night
Electricity 5€ / Night


Guest mooring for 20 boats
Toilets and showers with code locks
Washing and drying machines
Petrol automat
Water outlets
Boat ramp
Café and Restaurant
Fish shop
Swimming beach
Bike rental
c. 1km to the grocery store
Hanko-brochyres and maps

Tel: +358 (0) 19-2489 101 ? hangobyhamn@pakroken.fi