In the fish shop you can find fresh fish, Ekström's smoked fish, shellfish, canned fish and other products. You'll find also find the famous, high-quality Skepphult's cast-iron products (different frying pans, shotglasses, mortar and pestles...) on the shelves for sale.

Our products include: Fresh fish: Salmon, whitefish, pike, perch, rainbow trout, brown trout, lake trout, tuna - Salted salmon- and whitefish fillet - Warmsmoked salmon fillet - Coldsmoked salmon fillet - Flamberade och halstrade laxfilir - Different whole smoked fish - Baltic herring steaks (fried, grilled, smoked, coldsmoked) - Variuous sorts of canned baltic herring - Mustard, Herb, Curry, Black currant, Onion, Festival, Tomato and Sherry herring... - Crayfish salad, prawn salad, skagenrvra, roe sauce, aioli - Giant freshwater prawn tails, scallops, squid rings - Rainbow trout roe, whitefish roe, Vendace roe